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The efficiency path In no way shows that any prescriptive requirement is overkill. Quite the opposite; the performance path just provides the designer an Strength funds for a selected property and makes it possible for the designer to exceed code requirements in some spots to be a trade-off for other options that happen to be sub-optimal.

2. In the number of bar graphs, the creator of this document compares heat reduction via a tent to heat loss by way of Icynene-insulated assemblies. But no one truly cares about warmth reduction via a tent. If this wall was in the household, It will be illegal.

Many thanks with the backlink on the Icynene document. It appears to comprise A lot of the exact same info as this related document about the Icynene Online page:

3. I disagree along with you regarding the wisdom of investing in R-60 ceiling insulation. Many embodied Power studies have proven an affordable payback for these types of levels of insulation.

At times known as the “tunnel take a look at,” the ASTM E84 exam is carried out with a tunnel-shaped check apparatus measuring 20 inches by twenty five toes. Right after foam is installed during the tunnel, the material is subjected to a 4-foot-long flame at 1 finish of the tunnel for 10 minutes. The fabric is then rated for smoke progress and flame distribute. The tunnel used in the ASTM E84 exams has Actual physical limitations. “The E84 tunnel provides a lid that drops down, and a h2o tub within the tunnel to generate an airtight seal,” explains James Andersen from BASF.

two. "I hope by now we are able to concur the There's a difference between lab tested constant condition assessments As well as in the field exams mainly because it relates to the undertaking R-worth.

Even anonymous a casual review of my composing over the last decade will clearly show that I've normally championed the performance advantages of spray foam insulation.

As one of the named get-togethers, on behalf of Icynene Inc., I will choose The weird stage of accepting blame for Icynene Associates generating simplistic arguments about unvented roof layouts that present an R-19 unvented attic outperforming a conventional R-38 vented attic employing air-permeable insulation.

Take a look at deception! The R-price for each you could check here inch of great site Icynene is about the same as that of fiberglass batt insulation. Even so the weasly ad duplicate can take credit score for the exceptional R-worth for each inch of a competing product (shut-cell foam insulation) and indicates that Icynene is just as fantastic.

Whetstone: "Nicely, I moved the insulation up for the rafters. To ensure that need will not use to persons like me."

Both Scott and David are specifically appropriate and if I in some way implied a person ought to put in R20 over a unvented attic in Vermont, which was not my intention.

Concerning the dilemma of capping loose-fill fiberglass having a layer of cellulose, the answer to your question is both "two inches" — according to investigate by ORNL — or "around it is possible to manage to put in" (if R-value issues for you).

However the Main argument is seem. Better air tightness enables for significantly less R-benefit to carry out in addition from an Vitality decline perspective in The entire developing. We as an marketplace have to get from Maker sponsored "facts" and obtain some serious non-biased independant study. Herein lies the situation.

Based on Icynene agent Ed Reeves, Icynene advocates the use of R-20 where R-38 could be the minimal prerequisite -- even when builders are adhering to the prescriptive as an alternative to general performance approach.

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